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safe1575820 artist:kaemantis754 fleur-de-lis3335 princess celestia90043 alicorn195377 pony845981 unicorn266304 accessory swap1607 backbend1565 crown13980 female899565 femdom6751 femsub8729 fleurestia17 gradient background10830 heart43188 jewelry50956 lesbian92239 mare415632 messy mane7047 peytral2618 regalia16308 shipping184095 sublestia771 submissive13079


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #1197
Well, that is mostly the normal curvature of the neck. In order for it to be a backbend the spine between the withers and dock should be curled more than normal. We can't really see behind her hair and the little bit of spine we can see near her plot does not seem to be curving much.
Background Pony #CFDA
I hate angelic perfect never do wrong god celestia. (whose actions are often insane or irresponsible)

Seeing her dominated by a normal pony at least gives her some character and reality as a real person.

IMO. of course. Don't start drama even if you greatly disagree :|