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Sonata masculinization
safe (1111442)artist:raika0306 (314)adagio dazzle (8596)sonata dusk (9759)equestria girls (109481)rainbow rocks (14654)adagilesto (5)blushing (108599)cross-popping veins (568)fangs (10158)half r63 shipping (888)heart (26668)jewelry (17881)looking at you (76003)male (126923)pendant (1185)protecting (323)rule 63 (18736)scherzo lesto (60)shipping (121826)sonagio (137)straight (82981)sweat (13689)sweatdrop (1300)

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Background Pony #9493
Sonata is a big ball of affection when it comes to her Dagi. Male Sonata, however, is a bit territorial.
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