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>>1163071 remade
safe1752526 artist:buttersprinkle314 starlight glimmer49840 trixie68779 twilight sparkle306429 alicorn233199 human159100 pony1012338 unicorn343105 :t3870 angry28116 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us38 cheek fluff5952 chest fluff41315 cute205934 diatrixes3222 female1403660 floppy ears54636 fluffy14722 frown23612 glare8305 glimmerbetes3913 grumpy2601 hand9066 horse spooning meme38 in goliath's palm258 lidded eyes31855 looking at you175987 looking back60182 mare503091 meme83450 micro9221 offscreen character35795 open mouth154840 prone26391 puffy cheeks3975 raised hoof48490 scrunchy face7260 simple background409829 size difference14962 smiling261645 smirk13059 spoon1412 spread wings57194 tiny1326 tiny ponies1506 twiabetes12289 twilight is not amused1521 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126274 unamused16773 underhoof53815 waving3078 weapons-grade cute3763 white background102659 wing fluff1702


not provided yet


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Background Pony #0DFE
From which no love could escape. The End.
Oh I’m sorry, were you expecting a happy ending?