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Pinkie goes for an underwater visit to meet a new friend.
Okay I just wanted an excuse to go crazy with pastels XD Now to commission artists and make them hate me for giving them this design to draw XD
safe (1442921)artist:fluffyxai (419)pinkie pie (190551)oc (531746)fish (1924)merpony (1623)octopus (366):> (305)absurd resolution (61583)bubble (3921)chest fluff (26262)crepuscular rays (2201)diving (239)floppy ears (41771)fluffy (11655)goggles (11832)jewelry (40084)looking at each other (12909)necklace (12520)patreon (10329)patreon logo (7578)pearl (283)scuba (124)scuba gear (83)smiling (185881)swimming (1501)swimming goggles (100):t (3344)underhoof (41701)underwater (3948)


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@Background Pony #0B69
yeah a bunch of tags I didn’t add. actually most of them.
Then again they’ve like trippled the tags actually XD I didn’t put too many in. there were lots I didn’t think of. but I don’t know what "octopussoir" is, or even how to pronounce that -;;

Or "Crepuscular rays", but by context I guess that’s the light rays?
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