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Spike and Rarity daughter, and Astral Star’s cousin and the youngest of the Neo 6. She is also Midknight’s mare friend

Cutie mark: violet crystal

Personality: Joyful, yet gets nervous if you stare at or talk about her underbelly. She shows interest in fashion like her mother, but she is more like her father. 

To Gemstone, growing up as a hybrid is an unusual experience; yet she goes through each day with confidence in her eyes. (Just as long as Rarity don’t find out that she and Spike has eaten all of the gems.)
safe (1374584)artist:warpx97 (8)oc (500040)oc:gemstone (16)oc only (352069)base used (8773)dracony (4336)female (707933)frilled ears (2)hybrid (10838)hybrid oc (6)interspecies offspring (4994)mlp: generation neo (5)ms paint (5598)next generation (4021)offspring (27092)parent:rarity (2882)parent:spike (1677)parents:sparity (1046)solo (845375)underbelly (10)


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Midknight Huargo's avatar
Midknight Huargo

It’s surprising canon, and on top of that, there is no denying that Midknight X Gemstone would make for an adorable ship. (just imagine the two of them singing a karaoke duet to the song titled "The Wolf Fell in Love with Little Red Riding Hood")
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