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What is up, guys? Here’s my second response pic towards this ask series which I was about to release it last night yet my laptop was running at a frustrating slow pace plus I was out all day so here I am now! Anyways, I know I’m pretty hectic when it comes to my rules on this ask series yet I guess not everyone will read the rules and the most commonly broken one is commenting outside of my character threads which I wanted to be more organized this time around. But yeah, I guess I’ll let that slide for any commenters but this one, I’m a wee bit strict on this particular rule as I don’t like the idea of shippings between self-inserts and the canon characters (depending on the fandom) as it gets pretty annoying (random roleplays) to downright creepy. Like okay, I know ppl have their waifus and husbandos but i really wish that they wouldn’t go over the top 24/7… but that’s just me. Moving on to this pic, I had numerous scenarios for the response yet I didn’t want to go so beyond that I might regret later on *cough*mid-late 2014-early 2015*cough* so I settled for a cute and simple picture ft Indigo being the type who doesn’t want to share or let anyone take her LemLems away! Pretty much, I can see her having that bodyguard mentality and not approve of anyone trying to flirt with her gf. Despite on how much I struggled with drawing someone in a physical contact, I still liked on how it came out esp with Lemon’s pose and of course, Zappie’s expression!XD Also I apologize if I messed up on the background, it’s not easy to find a good reference pic so I hope I did my best in the end…All in all, I’ll probably re-write the rules that I’ve wrote to make it more clear for anyone who wanted to ask a question. and enjoy this pic! I promise I’ll make more response (this time, I’m reducing it to 3) by the end of the week yet next week, I’m gonna be hella busy as the holidays are approaching plus gift art for a good friend of mine and possibly in January, I’ll take a month off from the ask series b/c I’m gonna do something extra special. But yeah, again, enjoy this pic with a comment and favorite button!DISCLAIMER: I don’t own My Little Pony/EqGProgram used: Gimp 2.6Layers: 8Time Taken: 4 hours of struggling…My Little Pony © Hasbro/DHX MediaMy Little Pony: EqG © Hasbro/DHX MediaDrawn by RainbowYoshi305 


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