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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: (Old Master Q Comics Collection Series 7: pg 69)  
full You know the economy is in the sh&t when even the thieves can’t take a single bit off from their _broke victims!
Mugger: Anastasia ‘Val’ Valentina by OnceAnAngel
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safe2173644 artist:meiyeezhu341 zephyr breeze2998 oc947165 oc:anatasia "val" valentina1 human245303 g42027586 alley955 ambush126 anime7572 beard5667 beggar20 begging1282 bits1333 broken1020 cane818 clothes634160 coin968 comic135396 crime130 criminal119 dark5511 facial hair10169 five o'clock shadow86 frustrated841 hair bun5373 hobo64 homeless292 humanized119573 humanized oc3018 jacket19904 jeans6551 knife7185 man bun75 mask10133 mugging24 night37812 old master q506 pants22375 parody17470 poor47 reference5500 shadow6884 shirt40402 shocked10120 surprised12787 thief418 threatening523 torn clothes6959 traditional art143023 unlucky29 upset1656 urban73


Background Pony #713D
Reminds me of that other Master Q strip where he is aslo portrayed as a poor person (like in the strip you based this comic on) that he said he ate the plants in his garden much to the confusion of one of his mates