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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: (Old Master Q Comics Collection Series 7: pg 69)  
full You know the economy is in the sh&t when even the thieves can’t take a single bit off from their _broke victims!
Mugger: Anastasia ‘Val’ Valentina by OnceAnAngel
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safe1995960 artist:meiyeezhu332 zephyr breeze2816 oc849686 oc:anatasia "val" valentina1 human209224 alley822 ambush108 anime6895 beard4843 beggar19 begging1176 bits1243 broken916 cane757 clothes568668 coin868 comic125467 crime120 criminal103 dark5062 facial hair8446 five o'clock shadow75 frustrated711 hair bun4443 hobo63 homeless280 humanized111624 humanized oc2801 jacket16651 jeans5529 knife6443 man bun68 mask8831 mugging22 night33396 old master q504 pants19455 parody16739 poor43 reference4819 shadow6086 shirt33380 shocked9079 surprised11465 thief391 threatening464 torn clothes6068 traditional art132475 unlucky29 upset1438 urban68


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Background Pony #713D
Reminds me of that other Master Q strip where he is aslo portrayed as a poor person (like in the strip you based this comic on) that he said he ate the plants in his garden much to the confusion of one of his mates