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munch munch~

original version, also from me:
safe (1378194)artist:arifproject (596)derpibooru exclusive (18828)edit (91489)vector edit (1526)sunset shimmer (48088):3 (3379)christmas (9197)clothes (338942)cookie (2812)cute (139602)food (47821)hat (60238)meme (71823)pony (650382)santa hat (4482)scarf (16832)shimmerbetes (3182)simple background (277670)sitting (43806)sitting catface meme (46)solo (847534)transparent background (145617)vector (64249)

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3 comments posted
Background Pony #A657
Sunset Shimmer: (on one end of a phone) nomming on cookies “Mmm! Oh, these cookies! I gotta get the recipe for these things!”

Twilight Sparkle: (on the other end of the phone) changing her daughter’s diaper while her husband, Flash Sentry, is at work “Put that cookie down! NOW!”
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