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safe1552460 artist:arifproject623 derpibooru exclusive23746 edit114136 vector edit2138 sunset shimmer55965 pony824548 unicorn256073 :33842 cap3560 christmas11986 clothes399699 cookie3236 cute173129 food59179 hat74450 holiday15670 horn40192 meme77844 mouth hold15149 santa hat5444 scarf20736 shimmerbetes3782 simple background336689 sitting53640 sitting catface meme47 smiling209149 solo957296 transparent background175624 vector71432


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Background Pony #0DC6
Sunset Shimmer: (on one end of a phone) nomming on cookies “Mmm! Oh, these cookies! I gotta get the recipe for these things!”

Twilight Sparkle: (on the other end of the phone) changing her daughter’s diaper while her husband, Flash Sentry, is at work “Put that cookie down! NOW!”