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This site's been one of the few pony places that I've been visiting exhaustively everyday for quite a while, even after my interest in ponies in general has been a bit waning. I've seen a lot of interesting art on here, and will probably keep seeing it getting posted here, so being a part of this community collaboration picture seems like it'd be a fun thing to do.

Picture cropped from:
safe1572863 artist:kiramoses27 oc603558 oc only409090 oc:vissy40 pony843833 unicorn265296 2017 community collab295 derpibooru community collaboration2887 chubby12611 dock43873 female897037 grin32860 lidded eyes25536 looking at you143454 raised hoof39203 simple background344608 smiling214403 solo971293 transparent background179196


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