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The princess of friendship needs MORE friends
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Neko Majin C
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Twilight's Westley
I really only just started watching it when it came to Toonami. The dialogue is awful flowery, enough to make Shakespeare roll his eyes. And there is so much exposition thanks to Speedwagon, and when Speedwagon cannot expound, the narrator does it. I like the show, but is it wrong to be glad Speedwagon is dead?
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Young Leosword
@Neko Majin C
Most fans have known what Bites The Dust does for the last three years because of ASB. The manga and anime simply go into more detail than any of the games, which'd go the same way for King Crimson, Stairway to Heaven, and Love Train. :j
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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And then we need memes to counter the countermemes and then counter-countermemes to counter the memes that counter the memes and then we can release a species of panda that feeds on lizards and then they'll all freeze in the winter. Problem solved.
Background Pony #2E77
Quick! Get me the nearest restraining order! We got us an charming purple pony that wants to fill our minds with friendships! Candy! And…uh….more friendship!