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Here is a fanart I made on MS Paint of Lightning Dust X Dumbbell X Spitfire. Lighting Dust X Spitfire is one of my OTPs and Dumbbell X Spitfire is also quite interesting.

If you want to contact/know more about me:

My Comicvine account: JwwProd.

My Steam account: Jwwprod.

My PSN ID: Jon-the-bear.
safe (1505215) artist:jwwprod (18) dumbbell (589) lightning dust (4041) spitfire (12400) :| (375) dumbbell gets all the mares (3) dumbfire (3) eyes closed (73982) heart (40612) kiss on the cheek (1336) kiss sandwich (174) kissing (21355) lightningbell (27) lucky bastard (1977) male (283006) ms paint (5803) ot3 (430) shipping (174933) straight (115701) surprise kiss (689) surprised (7412)


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Background Pony #1113
D'oh! I just realized in the description I said "Lighting Dust X Spitfire is one of my OTPs" I meant to say Lighting Dust X Dumbbell!