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Winter Christmas 2016 Gift #6: Astrozone

For every Celestia Fan there needs to be a Luna Fan. Gift 6 goes to my dear friend astr0zone

I came to know about him thanks to some very dark parts of the internet. But my real interactions started with him when he opened his tumblr and started arting! (warning: mostly fat furs and necc pictures on his gallery), and funny enough, some of the first interactions involved me asking for a free requests of my OC… woops.

I can’t believe that with such a stupid start I was still able to get where we are now. I am completely comfortable in calling him now a close friend of mine. Ever since he started arting, he has improved a lot and made a small name for himself. But even with all the evolution, he still continues to be a very sweet guy that just wants to have fun with friends. Our relationship may have started due to our weird tastes, but it has evolved into a great friendship. Keep up the good work man!

Picture was done by Circus-Cinnamon from deviantart, you can find their page here:


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