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safe1676259 twilight sparkle296650 alicorn218659 pony938916 unicorn311063 angry26508 empire state building26 flying37276 frown22452 giant pony4520 glare8192 grin37071 gritted teeth11759 grumpy2497 hug27623 lidded eyes29833 macro10642 messy mane7598 multeity2188 needs more jpeg1463 new york city208 one eye closed29464 prone24976 sad24129 self ponidox7866 sitting61396 smiling240358 smirk12150 sparkle sparkle sparkle223 spread wings52994 twilight snapple2026 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122114 unamused15743 unicorn twilight16583 wink24065


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