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It was another day in Ponyville for Button Mash getting home on Friday morning when he had some thoughts about all the other fillies and even mares, He was actually thinking about some of the Mare's and Fillies that he kinda likes and wouldn't mind trying to ask out such as Cheefliee who looked cute for a teacher, he thought about Scootaloo who was pretty tough for a filly and wanted to ask her to game against him on his Joyboy, and he thought about Rarity, who even though she is the older sister of a filly that he wasn't able to get, he found Rarity to be the most beautiful mare he ever seen and even likes her nice polite attitude and he even got to kiss her hoof once. When he saw his mother after coming home from school, he noticed that she looked a bit more attractive then before. As you see during the school hours, Button's Mom has been styling her hair and got her hoofnails done at the spa earlier. Button Mash immediently draws his eyes to his mother and her hoofies as he talks about how his day went. Of course his mom may not be as fabulous as Rarity, but his mother was almost close to his eyes as a attractive and pretty mare.

After a few hours of playing games and taking a shower, Button couldn't help but not resist the urge to take a nice lick and suckle at her hoofies and possiably even kiss her lips. When it was around 8:30PM, Button Mash called his mom up and asked her to read him a story though immediently he started asking about what she did today and about her hooves. He looks at her hooves and says how they look pretty though Button is having a hard time resisting his urges. Button's Mom kinda asks him if there's something wrong and then he holds her hoof as he looks at her eyes and then back at her hoofies and asks her to kiss his cheek which of course she does kisses his cheek. He asks her to continue kissing his cheek which suprises her as she never expected Button to be enjoying so many kisses from her before. As she's kissing him, he looks at her hoofnails and grabs and holds one of them and of course smells her hoofies a bit in the same way he smelled the perfume on Rarity when he meet her.

When she stopped kissing his cheek, Button's Mom says that she's about to go to bed but then he went out all the way and directly pressed his lips onto her shiny white hoofnails and with them in his mouth, he starts sucking on them with his tougne tasting the shiny glossy texture on her white hoofies and immediently, his mind explodes as he's in a new state of mind enjoying how her hoofies feel like to his tougne and likes how her white hoofies taste like which suprisingly he's enjoying way too much. Of course her hooves may not have been as perfectly smoothed as Rarity's hooves to the touch but he still enjoyed every minute of it.

Button's Mom is then surprised at what her son is doing to her and initially asks him to be careful to not try to bite her as she's assuming he was curious about what her hoofnails taste like. Button did got startled briefly before she finished saying that thinking that he was gonna be in trouble but he replied that he'll be careful while her hoof is still in his mouth. He starts then looking at her face while he's still tasting them waiting for her to start enjoying it and of course she has smiled at him though mostly because it felt like her hooves where being licked by a dog except that Button is sucking directly on them mostly and she starts to help but wonder if her son is doing this as a sign of affection to her in a romantic way.

After like a good 5 minutes of this, she gets him to stop and then she asks him why he is doing this of course with him still holiding her hoof. Button then tells her that he had secret feelings for her ever since he 1st seen her eyes and face as a baby and that he always found her very pretty and attractive looking while also saying that she is the best mother that he ever had. Button's Mom was actually kinda pleased with the answer and she decides to kiss him on the lips and when Button 1st felt her lips, he enjoyed the feeling of her lips and even the taste of both her lips and her lipstick though this only lasted for like a minute as Button's Mom offers to get into bed together, this time cuddled up and holding hooves.

After a extra long talk between both of them, Button then decides to suck on her hoofies for like a couple of more minutes until its 9:00PM. She gets him to stop and rather then her telling him its bedtime, she kisses him on the lips and they spend a good 20minutes smooching each other with the lights off. Button Mash thanks his mother for allowing him to do all of this with her and she then lets him know that she doesn't mind giving her love to him and doesn't mind him kissing her or her hoofies. They then go to sleep in his same bed while Button Mash still sucks on her hoofnails in his sleep. Button's Mom says goodnight to him kissing his cheek while he's still tasting her hoofies
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