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Her hugs are not free but, they are heartwarming in a cruel place.
safe (1426170)artist:amateur-draw (374)oc (523829)oc:littlepip (3451)oc only (363239)pony (694243)unicorn (202274)fallout equestria (13561)1000 hours in ms paint (4334)board (55)clothes (354781)dirt (460)fanfic (9559)fanfic art (11328)female (757875)hooves (14665)horn (25887)mare (334009)ms paint (5671)open mouth (103866)pipbuck (2918)smudge (20)solo (874258)street (536)text (40431)vault suit (2885)

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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I am nothing
Thanks, but what i don’t get is why don’t people like my mud art.ok it’s not that great but they like Smudge proof art or willisrisque messy art what’s wrong with my art is it the fact its ms paint?
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Also you have a little longs way of being a artist, so don’t feel bad if your images get a lot of downvotes.
You still gotta learn and gotta practice.
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