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I finally noticed that derpibooru was doing a community collaboration for its fifth anniversary (details found here) and decided I wanna be a part of it! I got like 624 items under my artist tag, whether my own stuff, edits, or so on, and I feel like I’ve contributed well with a few of the things I’ve done.

Like the SmugParty, found here;

Or a safe-rated vector that somebody guiltily found to be the most suggestive item under that category;

And then my decent attempts at producing a lot of my work in show-style. I can’t ever beat PixelKitties at that, though…
safe (1429813)artist:sketchmcreations (1382)derpibooru exclusive (20330)oc (525424)oc only (364343)oc:sketch mythos (26)earth pony (148429)pony (698552)2017 community collab (296)derpibooru community collaboration (1671)book (27076)clothes (355899)doctor who (2859)gravity falls (1121)journal #3 (39)looking at you (120550)raised hoof (32100)saddle bag (4410)scarf (17479)simple background (290990)solo (876353)sonic screwdriver (477)transparent background (151940)vector (66634)

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