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safe1785929 artist:silfoe1561 spike81608 twilight sparkle310374 alicorn239139 dragon60503 pony1087430 royal sketchbook611 baby10929 baby dragon1384 bed43436 blushing210025 cuddling8739 cute210162 cutie mark51177 dialogue69901 female1434430 horn83926 hug29803 implied rarity1146 looking at each other22365 male399862 mama twilight1097 mare519107 one eye closed33845 open mouth161636 prone27018 she knows122 silfoe is trying to murder us83 simple background422876 snuggling6670 speech bubble25391 spikabetes2135 spikelove1187 spread wings59359 tsundere3009 twiabetes12475 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127989 wing blanket247 winghug3068 wings131068


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Background Pony #FDD4
@Background Pony #8BE7  
I generally agree with you, he loves giving hugs in canon and in recent seasons Twilight gives him a lot of side hugs as well:) However I believe Spike in RS is a little bit older now and displays this kind of “Mooooom, stop it” kind of teenage-like behaviour from time to time.
Background Pony #653B
Maybe it’s because “Tsundere Culture” is so big right now, but there seems to be more images of Spike being upset by hugs. I can’t see Spike trying to make an excuse to get out of a hug or a cuddle. He loves hugs in the show and has never turned away from one. Twilight is the most important pony in his life and—even though she isn’t his mother or sister—she is the one he relies on the most, and therefore has hugged the most.
Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
One thing everyone who complained when Twi sprouted wings (and some still haven’t gotten over it) didn’t think of: Twilight can now give winghugs! And everything is better with winghugs.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I Open at the Close
Sorry. I tend to get a bit testy when the ‘Spike is a slave’ topic turns up.
I believe that Spike is Twilight’s number one assistant and dear family member. I do think she could treat him a tad bit better and does neglect him every now and then, but i also think he gets plenty of love and respect from her and the others around him and certainly so in these last few seasons.
But, i don’t view him as a pet or a slave.
Background Pony #FDD4
Nah, don’t bother. No matter how much love from Twi he gets right now (good examples, I could post many many more) and how much ponies in Crystal Empire worship him in the latest seasons, some people will keep repeating the same all mantra that she “absuses him” and that he doesn’t “get respect”.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I Open at the Close
I always think that spike is more of a slave; if you watch how twilight treats her, its more like a slave.
I’m confused, is Twilight’s male dragon a her or an it?
Background Pony #058D
I enjoy how Silfoe takes the time to include Spike in Twilight’s life as it unfolds in her relationship.

Celestia Fan
I want wing hugs from ponies so badly! Especially from Celestia. Just imagine sleeping under her big fluffy wings.