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Violet and Clevery chat
Starsnooty: "Hey Sisters, look who has already returned from her magic tour of Equestria.
Violet and Clevery flip confused
Clevery: Somewhat impressed and blushing "Wh-who is she?"
Starsnooty: Don't you remember Clevery? It's my half sister Kimberly Magiker, she used to play with you and me when we were filly … she toured with her mother Trixie Lulamoon, but at last she came back to stay in Ponyville for a while.

Going back with my Next Gen from MLP of ships yuri, I bring you my new creation, it's my version of the daughter of Starlight and Trixie; Kimberly Magiker, since his ship is already inevitable thanks to the series XD

For me to create the Kimberly design, I had to combine the hairstyles of both mothers, as well as some colors. As for a little of her personality, I added the control of magic as her mother Starlight and love of magic shows as well as Trixie, hence she is a "Wizard" which gives presentations.

Soon I will bring your design in MLP and EG, with a more detailed description of your design, cutie mark, etc.
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