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safe (1429666)artist:makkon (34)oc (525359)oc:littlepip (3459)oc only (364317)pony (698436)unicorn (203513)fallout equestria (13605)abstract background (9265)clothes (355848)cutie mark (33928)fanfic (9577)fanfic art (11368)female (760428)glowing horn (13615)gritted teeth (9137)gun (12363)handgun (1923)hooves (14698)horn (26243)jumping (2611)levitation (8688)little macintosh (469)magic (57541)mare (335513)optical sight (896)pipbuck (2926)revolver (1318)scope (185)solo (876256)telekinesis (20722)vault suit (2893)wallpaper (16533)weapon (22833)


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Background Pony #DBE8
May I ask what is the source of your Littlepip avatar? I just want to know where a vectored avatar is from that I haven’t seen here before.
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Background Pony #6CB3
Equestrian Pony using mouth for most holdings of things.
Has a human handled gun.
’Said gun was made fer a pony.
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