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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full Things had not been the same for Pinkamena ever since the Flim Flam brothers made the atmosphere rained like skyfire…
Coffin Shop Owner: Coffin by dementra369
Title of the comic: Reference to this song of the same name
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(or not…who cares?…)
semi-grimdark30385 artist:meiyeezhu332 pinkie pie220403 oc712931 oc:coffin19 human159103 anime5690 clothes476654 coffin197 comic111581 dark comedy653 exclamation point3972 gun16353 handgun2849 happy32227 humanized101996 humanized oc2440 money1359 old master q500 parody15788 pinkamena diane pie19388 pistol2147 pleated skirt4076 pointing4187 question mark4709 revolver1635 sad25094 school uniform7450 shoes38796 shop391 shopping391 sign4135 skirt41126 socks68638 stockings34257 straight hair218 suicidal87 suicide737 suit6136 traditional art120412 unexpected137 warehouse84 weapon31472


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Background Pony #CA7F
Last time we have Derpy in seifuku attempt suicide, and now Pinkie… you might have a thing for it during depression time.