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Hey all.

This is a RP Mina and I did way back last year, at the time I was still working on finishing the massive VaVoom project and doing paid commissions, so it was placed in the "PLEASE MAKE THIS INTO A COMIC OMG DO IT NOW I'M GONNA PEE 8D !!" Mina file …..until I had spare time to work on eeet.

Well, now the work on this is mostly done as I'm cleaning up the remaining pages of the SoreLoser comic that Mina was so desperate to see created.

We think it's pretty cute ( Mina lost her mind over this comic XD ), and we hope you all enjoy eeet too !

~Circe and Mina…-manehattan_tv

POSTER DISCLAIMER: This is a non-canon fetish comic. It was not made to insult the character Rarity or show hate towards her by any means. If you do not enjoy the concept or even find it offensive, please ignore it.

The concept is that one of the mares who lost to Rarity in the fashion contest of "Made in Manehattan" is getting spanky revenge even though she knows it’s unfair, hence the title soreloser.


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