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Based in the Chinese comic panels from:  
full BEFORE YOU START TYPING ANGRY COMMENTS, let me explain my change in genre and mood
full After the victory of the Drumpf presidency, I suddenly was feeling depressed and pessimistic about the
upcoming dark future of this world. I had +no longer had much of the urge to draw any more _happy-go-lucky
comics_+, as I felt like I was lying to myself about how I feel over this grimdark path we may be heading. From a
fascist uprising of America to an even more disastrous climate change apocalypse, I initially felt like there
will be nothing left for this world anymore in a couple years. If this world does not get f&&ked over and things do
get better in the long-term, then I might change the mood in future comics….
full But until then, I’m pouring out my grieving emotions in this series until a new progressive president comes into
the next termor until this world explodes….or until I run out of dark OMQ comics to parody…. which
ever comes first
full (P.S. If you still don’t like the sudden change in mood in my new comics, you can unwatch this gallery and you
will never speak to me again…)
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…or not….who cares?…
semi-grimdark30387 artist:meiyeezhu332 derpy hooves50805 human159111 alone401 anime5690 attempted suicide56 ball and chain160 chains5118 clothes476686 collar34607 comic111584 crying44891 depressed828 depression399 dock52127 dumped17 emotional154 fail1424 female1403886 fog928 frustrated574 heartbreak736 heavy674 hopeless41 humanized102002 injured3389 lonely559 ocean7279 old master q500 parody15789 pier510 pleated skirt4076 politics in the comments145 sad25097 school uniform7450 shoes38799 skirt41127 skirt lift4816 socks68641 solo1095855 suicidal87 suicide737 traditional art120421 water14277 weight106 wood796


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The world has always sucked, “news” media just sensationalizes everything. This generation is no more important than any other.
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Bernie Sanders was the only presidential candidate who really cared about the people who was eager to vote for him; though he may had made major miscalculations, based on his decades-long consistency with his principles and beliefs, I still believe that he may someday rile up the populis to take action when he runs for office in the next 4 years
…well, that is, if the Americans don’t end up falling for personalities instead of policies again (heck, we might have an even worse candidate like Kanye being our president)
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forgets everything
Politics will never be sufficient for humanity, because it either attempts to circumvent human flaws or forcibly suppress them. The thing is, if you use force you breed resentment and end up taking sides (you can’t support all policies at once, after all), but if you don’t you basically turn a blind eye to things that can’t be accepted. Both paths lead to unavoidable suffering.
So, in both ways we’re screwed with politics. The difference is that one side might screw you just a little bit less than the other. So to OP, I would just be grateful we’re not going to war with Russia. At least Trump is too much of an idiot to follow through (his promises are far too big); Hillary was not a real progressive - she flip-flopped on so many issues over her career.
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I’ve watched enough John Stewart and Stephen Colbert to distinguish what you mean when you type “liberal media”.
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artist needs to red-pill and see that either choice was a bad one, I mean you had two very old people. one is incompetent with unacceptable tactics and the other wants war and is nothing but a pawn, and this point most people can’t tell if I’m talking about one or he other…