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Sorry, Twilight, it's just lines
safe1676452 artist:buttersprinkle314 twilight sparkle296688 alicorn218707 human151709 pony939079 ...2251 adorkable3500 blushing192617 book32838 bookhorse552 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us38 cheek fluff5245 cute195334 dialogue63871 disembodied hand2745 dork3769 female1336320 floppy ears50714 frown22457 looking up15983 offscreen character33088 sad24135 simple background383640 sitting61408 sweet dreams fuel1474 that pony sure does love books1130 twiabetes11489 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122121 white background95159


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Me: Yes, my Princess Twileydorbs, I am gonna read it. But you're welcome to snuggle up next to me and we can read it together…or I could read it to you if you'd like? :D Oh, and I've ordered some muffins for us, they should be here soon.
=Sound of a crash from outside, followed by a knock at the door=
Me: Ah, that'll be Derpy with the muffins now! :D