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Based on the Chinese comic panels (and animation) from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4AvKW6m62s&t=21s
full YYYeeeeaaahhhhh, maybe she should’ve take her AWAY from her point of suicide BEFORE consulting her first…
Jumper: My OC Claudia Texas, teenage daughter of police officer Techy Texas (you can figure out why she’s so depressed on your own)
Click here for more Master Q Parodies:“http://meiyeezhu.deviantart.com/gallery/52298288/Master-Q-Parodies”
semi-grimdark30387 artist:meiyeezhu332 applejack173477 oc712992 oc:claudia texas2 human159112 aaaaaaahhhhh52 anime5690 applejack's hat8488 boots22958 braid6159 city4370 clothes476687 collapse25 comforting1309 comic111584 cowboy hat17241 crying44891 depressed828 depression399 falling2761 fog928 hat90530 high heels11801 humanized102003 humanized ponified human149 implied death2668 irony698 jeans4352 jumper151 ocean7279 old master q500 pants15355 parody15789 pier510 railing204 rust38 sad25097 screaming3545 shocked7265 skirt41127 sobbing109 splash365 suicidal87 suicide737 surprised9606 tears of pain1162 traditional art120421


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