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safe1755314 artist:buttersprinkle314 fluttershy217654 pony1015264 angry28175 blushing205282 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us38 clothes477398 cute206250 dialogue68234 female1406008 floppy ears54779 fluttertsun23 hoodie15024 i'm not cute399 jacket13207 looking at you176394 mare504311 shyabetes14542 simple background410604 sitting65774 solo1097401 text62473 tough28 tsundere2957 white background102900


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Background Pony #1ACA
Why can’t you be both cute and tough at the same time, Flutterbutt?  
@Midnight Moon  
Fluttershy, you stared down a dragon. You can wrestle with bears. You once flied faster than Rainbow Dash. You’re tough enough without trying to look like it.
And you’ll always be cute.
Background Pony #37A5
Fine, but your punishments will be bellyrubs when we get home, young lady!
Background Pony #1CBB
Background Pony #F535
Well if the pictures telling US something, of course we’ll say something back. It’s simple…