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Some stickers that I've done from my personal sitting catface meme collection to bring to "The Friendship Express Convention" tomorrow in Malaysia 👍
safe1553140 apple bloom46147 applejack157088 bon bon15459 dj pon-327876 fluttershy195605 nurse redheart3242 octavia melody22042 pinkie pie201208 princess luna93038 rarity167759 scootaloo48785 starlight glimmer42884 sunset shimmer56004 sweetie belle46242 sweetie drops15459 twilight sparkle279094 vapor trail881 vinyl scratch31971 alicorn190601 earth pony189978 pony825008 :33843 calendar of lunas27 clothes400021 commonity58 cookie3236 cute173184 dashstorm67 female877527 food59222 irl62290 jackletree75 lidded eyes24549 mare403399 meme77856 mouth hold15162 multeity1875 photo70174 s1 luna6715 scarf20745 sitting53669 sitting catface meme47 so much flutter67 sparkle sparkle sparkle177 spread wings46716 sticker1226 too much pink energy is dangerous220 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113604


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