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Some stickers that I’ve done from my personal sitting catface meme collection to bring to "The Friendship Express Convention" tomorrow in Malaysia 👍
safe (1378194)apple bloom (41902)applejack (142601)bon bon (14172)dj pon-3 (26231)fluttershy (177626)nurse redheart (2889)octavia melody (20547)pinkie pie (182904)princess luna (85903)rarity (151801)scootaloo (45217)starlight glimmer (35903)sunset shimmer (48088)sweetie belle (42366)sweetie drops (14164)twilight sparkle (251024)vapor trail (710)vinyl scratch (30329):3 (3379)alicorn (153188)calendar of lunas (21)clothes (338942)commonity (46)cookie (2812)cute (139602)dashstorm (64)earth pony (134292)female (710931)food (47821)irl (58435)jackletree (66)lidded eyes (17037)mare (311430)meme (71823)mouth hold (12727)multeity (1517)photo (64705)pony (650382)s1 luna (6299)scarf (16832)sitting (43806)sitting catface meme (46)so much flutter (54)sparkle sparkle sparkle (150)spread wings (39133)sticker (947)too much pink energy is dangerous (183)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96948)

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