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Cum v
explicit411416 artist:replica2052 oc824978 oc only606812 oc:dusk rhine372 oc:nolegs268 oc:racket rhine173 bat pony62882 anthro310696 unguligrade anthro57493 armor27238 big breasts104415 blowjob37057 breasts336739 brother and sister5441 busty oc1778 clopfic in the comments1053 clothes550898 cum92392 cum in mouth12712 dialogue78831 exposed breasts2653 female1582157 huge breasts48395 incest15708 maid6919 male451584 masturbation21576 nipples207194 nudity445734 oral57104 oral creampie5970 penis184737 public sex4063 sex146459 shipping227436 stealth sex1136 store486 straight157528 thrill of almost being caught632


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Background Pony #68CA
The first customer in months and she had to come in at this exact time ;(
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@Dusk The Batpack  
“You see, any unskilled peasant can create and use a ‘love potion’ to get two people to be together. Such common items are easy to overcome with a simple break enchantment spell. Those of us who wield GREATER ARCANA every day come up with something more practical. With a powerful cursed artifact, such as CUMBEE’S LACEY LINGERIE DRESS OF INCESTUOUS BLOWJOBS , such powers can have lasting effects even after the enchantment (or ‘curse’ as some nay naysayers may call it) has been lifted from the person. Making ones greater ship harder to sink.”
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
I’d like to imagine that one of our more mage like booru users Specifically curses really cute lacey items to encourage the individual who wears it to enter a incestuous relationship.
[Totally platonic brother and sister noises]
  • wears adorable lacey ear warmers of +2 incestuous romantic encouragement *
    [Brother and Sister marriage noises]

To the contrary: the most recently performed demographic studies indicate that the rightfully feared introgression of bat pony genes into full-blooded Equestrian populations is not as dramatic as popular agitprop might have one believe. Researchers have theorized that the rate of incestual relations among bat ponies (who are historically adapted to a cultural niche of pariah communism segregated from normal, wholesome, diurnal Equestria by the terminator of the dusk, and who have thus never had a significantly large population in their own right, given the difficulty of farming at night - one could argue the prevalence of flat chests among squeaker mares is due to malnutrition) is so high that it effectively offsets any potential pollution of the day-dwelling pony gene pool. Arranged marriages are particularly common among bat ponies, and frequently these are between brothers and sisters as well as between mothers and sons. They desperately contort their family trees with the goal of staving off genetic weakness - a goal they are exactly missing. It’s not as if bat ponies understand genetics, since the majority of schools aren’t open at night, and certainly not any schools they could afford to attend. In truth there’s little to worry about from the squeaking menace, but keep your fillies away from those weak squeaker colts besides.
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Squeakers doing what they do. Their depravity and sexual perversion knows no bounds. When you see a pair of Squeakers move into your all Unicorn neighborhood, just know, your grandkids will be growing up surrounded by a sea of Squeakers. HELL YOUR GRANDKIDS MIGHT BE SQUEAKERS.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Buying things from adventurers, they got all sorts of odd items. Usually they were harmless, little +1 or +2 magics on them; a quick trip to the mages for Identify and they were set to go on the shelves. But there were cursed items out there, which is why they had strict rules about directly touching things they hadn’t identified yet- but really, there were so few that they got pretty lax.
Talking to a customer while trying to pretend his sister wasn’t drinking his fifth load, Dusk resolved to reinstate those rules strictly… whenever he managed to get away from his sister long enough to find a Scroll of Uncurse.
Unfortunately, when he did finally get it off of her, instead of letting him take it to the mages to be disposed of, she took and hid it. While no longer cursed, the Maid Frills of the Succubus gave her quite the excuse to drink her brother’s cum- it might’ve even made her addicted to it, the taste alone enough to get her off now, but why bother waiting to see if there were withdrawals?