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safe1879448 artist:uotapo1025 apple bloom54506 comic:home alone3 equestria girls223975 somepony to watch over me899 accessory theft504 adorable face1681 adorabloom3296 applejack's hat10682 beautiful6401 belt7048 boombox271 boots26318 bottomless14979 clothes525536 clothes swap1635 comic118596 cowboy boots1965 cowboy hat20122 cowgirl681 cropped53540 cute222878 dancing9316 denim skirt1975 fail1472 female1517197 funny4581 hat100828 hat off48 legs9904 music3354 music notes3801 oops579 open mouth179156 orange eyes667 ouch1104 oversized clothes367 partial nudity23734 red hair1109 shoes45354 skirt45293 skirt around legs13 skirt lift5004 solo1195749 stetson5276 tripping371 yellow skin106


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As it was part of the comic of apple bloom being left home alone when she had a chance to sneak into applejack’s bedroom and try on applejack’s clothes when her skirt slipped off of apple bloom’s body. In the last few panels of the strip apple bloom was wearing a pretty shade of vermillion when applejack along with sweetie belle and scootaloo were watching.
Background Pony #25DE
and applejack’s rodeo trophy was on the floor and that’s the story of how apple bloom lost her virginity.