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explicit321973 artist:whateverbender250 spike75335 twilight sparkle284839 alicorn198174 pony856466 anatomically incorrect3783 animated92680 dragon dick673 fleshlight sparkle7 floppy ears46890 frame by frame3644 gif28191 holding a pony2601 impossible fit533 insertion15198 large insertion589 living cock sleeve49 male310458 nudity338488 older23525 older spike4765 open mouth125022 penis139369 sex108889 shipping185697 size difference12826 spikezilla493 squigglevision299 straight122851 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116248 twispike1636 who needs organs?506


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Honestly, I doubt orientation even matters at this point. There is no way he's inside her vagina (as it would be torn in two). Instead, he's probably fucking the gaping, uh, lower body where he ripped her pelvis out. For all intents and purposes, this would be the same experience for a male or female and feel the same for Spike either way.

I know it's a silly joke — I'm just being facetious.