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explicit (275436)artist:whateverbender (203)spike (65908)twilight sparkle (253891)alicorn (156548)anatomically incorrect (3113)animated (83220)dragon dick (451)fleshlight sparkle (7)floppy ears (40148)frame by frame (939)gif (23067)holding a pony (2111)impossible fit (460)insertion (12216)large insertion (512)living cock sleeve (44)male (247402)nudity (287231)older (16946)older spike (3307)open mouth (100607)penis (118497)pony (664636)sex (91260)shipping (159409)size difference (10225)spikezilla (435)squigglevision (197)straight (106675)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (98598)twispike (1472)who needs organs? (352)


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Honestly, I doubt orientation even matters at this point. There is no way he’s inside her vagina (as it would be torn in two). Instead, he’s probably fucking the gaping, uh, lower body where he ripped her pelvis out. For all intents and purposes, this would be the same experience for a male or female and feel the same for Spike either way.

I know it’s a silly joke — I’m just being facetious.
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