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Scene: fav.me/danin9x
semi-grimdark30363 artist:d0ntst0pme188 applejack173240 fluttershy217214 pinkie pie220129 rainbow dash238524 earth pony265778 pegasus309004 pony1010130 3d80296 bandage5832 bound wings3684 brodie helmet40 clothes475844 explosion2216 female1401542 flamethrower381 gas mask1265 gmod7359 gun16333 helmet11207 imminent death2519 injured3384 mare502016 mask7067 not sfm1482 pinkamena diane pie19375 pinkie pyro165 plane2763 rifle3809 scared10758 trench99 war1269 weapon31418 wide eyes17389 world war i230 zeppelin252


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yeah I hate when I get so drunk that I have to blindfold myself because I have such a migraine. it's the worst…

bound wings for drunk Pegasi must be so annoying too :)