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“And not the kind that pass silently in the night. Princess Cadance has the power to make all your wildest pony pairing fantasies a reality. Her cupid bow may be about as canonical as the romances it sparks, but if these characters won’t take the plunge themselves, then somepony’s got to give them a magical nudge in the right direction, and who better than the Princess of Love herself? Just imagine your two lovebirds of choice in the crosshairs of Cadance’s arrow. As long as the giant heart-shaped tip doesn’t pierce any vital organs, they’ll be swooning over each other faster than you can say ‘fanfic’.
She’s not wearing most of her regalia because I forgot. I went really, really slow on this one because pastels smudge if you even think too hard in their direction and I was trying to stay inside the lines using bulky square chalk sticks. So I’m like ‘okay, i’ll finish up the torso and then sketch her little metal princess boots’ and then fifteen minutes later ‘got to remember to switch to yellow when I reach the end of her arm-leg’ and then ‘wait, does she have a chest piece like Celestia? [checks reference] …how did I not see that?’ and then ‘okay we’ll just do the boots’ but after a while of this slow, methodical coloring and blending you kinda go into a trance and forget what you were thinking about before. I should probably have included that stuff in the preliminary sketch but I forgot about it then, too.
And that’s why Cadance is naked.”
safe1785929 artist:friendshipishorses107 princess cadance33619 aiming127 anatomically incorrect4318 arrow2315 bow (weapon)1463 bow and arrow954 cupid229 cupidance38 female1434431 heart arrow160 incorrect leg anatomy1851 looking away3994 princess of love143 princess of shipping119 shipper on deck1465 sitting67557 solo1122122 tongue out111583 traditional art122320 weapon32175


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