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safe1970843 artist:vanillaghosties393 apple bloom56343 scootaloo55470 sweetie belle53435 earth pony361097 pegasus406297 pony1322514 unicorn446025 adorabloom3500 clothes558905 costume35188 cowboy hat21906 cowgirl733 cute236071 cutealoo3445 cutie mark crusaders20895 diasweetes3381 female1602470 filly84692 glowing horn25466 halloween11448 hat108873 holiday28875 looking at you216899 magic86435 nightmare night5606 one eye closed39859 police1395 pumpkin bucket871 telekinesis34210 trick or treat549 trio17445 witch3131


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

gag on black pills
Cheerilee: Hello, girls! And what are you all dressed as?  
Scootaloo: I’m a cop, a terrifying reminder of when Ponyville had crime!  
Sweetie Belle: I’m a witch, like the townsponies used to think Zecora was, and also a reminder of when we were all too judgmental!  
Apple Bloom: Ah’m wearin’ a hat!
I like to think AB’s scarf is just her bow, untied and relocated.