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safe1615231 artist:vanillaghosties371 apple bloom47509 scootaloo49637 sweetie belle47285 earth pony215794 pegasus257158 pony882912 unicorn285084 adorabloom2544 clothes425810 costume25917 cowboy hat14050 cowgirl517 cute186199 cutealoo2644 cutie mark crusaders18344 diasweetes2711 female1285827 filly61605 glowing horn17702 halloween8017 hat79490 holiday17028 looking at you152538 magic68418 nightmare night4653 one eye closed27087 police1087 pumpkin bucket578 telekinesis25629 trick or treat410 trio7718 witch2300


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Cheerilee: Hello, girls! And what are you all dressed as?
Scootaloo: I'm a cop, a terrifying reminder of when Ponyville had crime!
Sweetie Belle: I'm a witch, like the townsponies used to think Zecora was, and also a reminder of when we were all too judgmental!
Apple Bloom: Ah'm wearin' a hat!

I like to think AB's scarf is just her bow, untied and relocated.