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safe1770505 artist:vanillaghosties386 apple bloom51642 scootaloo52204 sweetie belle50039 earth pony274759 pegasus316922 pony1030558 unicorn350850 adorabloom2979 clothes482937 costume29324 cowboy hat17754 cowgirl629 cute208143 cutealoo2973 cutie mark crusaders19435 diasweetes3012 female1419188 filly70962 glowing horn20959 halloween8982 hat92105 holiday21162 looking at you178691 magic76407 nightmare night4893 one eye closed33281 police1235 pumpkin bucket671 telekinesis29194 trick or treat441 trio9998 witch2566


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
Cheerilee: Hello, girls! And what are you all dressed as?  
Scootaloo: I’m a cop, a terrifying reminder of when Ponyville had crime!  
Sweetie Belle: I’m a witch, like the townsponies used to think Zecora was, and also a reminder of when we were all too judgmental!  
Apple Bloom: Ah’m wearin’ a hat!
I like to think AB’s scarf is just her bow, untied and relocated.