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safe1676757 artist:vanillaghosties376 apple bloom48723 scootaloo50749 sweetie belle48452 earth pony237929 pegasus280441 pony939474 unicorn311214 adorabloom2668 clothes448988 costume26957 cowboy hat15175 cowgirl561 cute195390 cutealoo2797 cutie mark crusaders18817 diasweetes2851 female1336677 filly64791 glowing horn19075 halloween8173 hat84423 holiday19927 looking at you163208 magic71781 nightmare night4698 one eye closed29480 police1152 pumpkin bucket596 telekinesis27068 trick or treat415 trio8760 witch2349


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
Cheerilee: Hello, girls! And what are you all dressed as?
Scootaloo: I'm a cop, a terrifying reminder of when Ponyville had crime!
Sweetie Belle: I'm a witch, like the townsponies used to think Zecora was, and also a reminder of when we were all too judgmental!
Apple Bloom: Ah'm wearin' a hat!

I like to think AB's scarf is just her bow, untied and relocated.