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safe1587341 artist:vanillaghosties370 apple bloom46862 scootaloo49320 sweetie belle46848 earth pony203308 pegasus244217 pony854927 unicorn270725 adorabloom2449 clothes413748 costume25009 cowboy hat13410 cowgirl479 cute180480 cutealoo2594 cutie mark crusaders18039 diasweetes2611 female915991 filly59888 glowing horn16890 halloween6832 hat77405 holiday15842 looking at you146075 magic66463 nightmare night4341 one eye closed25679 police1076 pumpkin bucket491 telekinesis24901 trick or treat348 trio7417 witch2082


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Cheerilee: Hello, girls! And what are you all dressed as?
Scootaloo: I'm a cop, a terrifying reminder of when Ponyville had crime!
Sweetie Belle: I'm a witch, like the townsponies used to think Zecora was, and also a reminder of when we were all too judgmental!
Apple Bloom: Ah'm wearin' a hat!

I like to think AB's scarf is just her bow, untied and relocated.