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They’ve got all those pre-2005 games and they update Skyrim. sigh 
I guess Skyrim’s “upgrade” required least efforts. Just slap some textures on it, add a couple of shaders and call it SPECIAL EDITION.
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Background Pony #B5C7
Actually they DID fix one persistent bug that is still in the oldrim… The Alt Tab crash to desktop bug…..

Gay Viking
Yeah I have windows 10 and it fucked my game bad. Waiting for the 3rd, that’s when my internet speeds up again and I can reinstall the game and see if it works yet.
If it does work I may try getting NVSE and NVAC again but I just can’t seem to get them to work for some reason I’ve read guides on how to do it but they might as well be in a different language.

Well, that sounds really unfortunate. It’s also very odd, since, majority of people I know runs the game fine… unless they use Windows 10 which messed things up for some people, but those troubles are fairly recent. Oh, and also latest versions of NVidia graphic drivers cause problems for some folks (that’s why I upgrade no driver without a reason). But all that prevents the game from launching. If it launches, everything should be relatively fine.  
In any case, I can only recommend you to try NVSE and NVAC once more if you wish to play Vegas. Installation of NVSE is quite easy, but if something seems too complicated for you try installing it with Fallout Mod Manager. It makes everything even easier, so no additional worries for you!

Gay Viking
@Good Ol Rainbowpet  
I was talking in conjunction with the above picture, if they could only update one game and Morrowind was an option it would deserve the update way more than skyrim. Skyrim already looks next gen updating it is kinda pointless, as for the free thing that’s only for PC users console users will have to pay for it even if they already have the base game and I’m sure they would rather spend their money on a game that’s more deserving of a remaster.

Gay Viking
Don’t get me wrong I love obsidian what they did with New Vegas compared to 3 is so much more nuanced and enjoyable, they are great writers and are extremely innovative they make absolutely stunning games. The problem is coding and longevity aren’t their strong suits it’s their one weakness as game designers.
I have New Vegas for the xbox 360 (the original and the ultimate edition) and I have the ultimate edition for the PC. They both constantly crash, like every 45 minutes to an hour I’ll get a crash/freeze on either, I have a pretty good PC too. Playing New Vegas on the xbox 360 years ago is why I’m a spastic saver I could not trust the game, talk to someone, save, kill someone, save, walk through a door that automatically saves the game for me, save the game anyway. It was pretty ridiculous, I got my cousins into the fallout games and they have the same issues with the freezing. I can handle minor bugs and glitches but constant freezes and corrupted save files are another story.
Good Ol Rainbowpet

again you got a better looking game FOR FREE… even if it isnt the game you wanted you still got it for free so what is the actual issue? if you dont like the improvments stick with the original there problem solved

Well, I can’t really confirm any of that.  
I may be a little bit biased (actually, a lot, I’m a huge Obsidian fan, you’ve probably figured that out by my Vegas-y userpic), but those little bugs here and there are minor nuisances to me. What matters most is the plot, characters, the writing, and, oh, Celestia, Obsidians are GODS of writing.
New Vegas runs smoothly even without additional software, at least at my PC.  
And their games may be anything but simple. Quite the contrary, they always dug deep into philosophy and question the very foundations of the universe they create a game it. KOTOR2 is the best example to it.  
KOTOR2 is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. And that comes from a guy who usually hates Star Wars. SW is so simple, all that ridiculous feudalism in space, that Light and Dark side nonsense, but KOTOR2 was so much more. The game questioned the basics of SW philosophy and showed the player that the existence of the Force might not be such a good thing. The game was the only thing from Star Wars that I honestly adore. And, come on, it looked pretty playable to be.  
PoE was their first attempt at developing their own franchise and they’ve done extremely well in my opinion. Yes, there were some annoying bugs at the first months from release, but all is fixed by now.
The only their game that was so unplayable that even brilliant plot could not save it was Alpha Protocol. It sucked, I admit, but the plot was still cool.

Gay Viking
@Good Ol Rainbowpet  
Oh no we are fully aware it’s easier and has the least amount of work to put into it, we just want to see a game that deserves and needs an update get it, Skyrim is great but it doesn’t need an updated version it has more than enough love so give some to the games that deserve it.
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Starlight and Sunny Fan
Remastering games from the previous generation made sense back when graphics upgrades between generations were massive. Now it makes little sense at all to me… The stuff they’re remastering now still looks great without any updating.
Good Ol Rainbowpet

The reason they updated skyrim was because they already made the game with the new engine all they needed to do was update the graphics… and if you had the original skyrim game you got the upgrade for free…
Morrowind on the other hand was on an old outdated engine so they would have to build an entire new game from scratch, remake the entire landscape, remake remodel and do all new animations to every enemy and npc…
need I go on or will someone continue complaining about how they didn’t get a remake of morrowind from bethesda

Gay Viking
A couple of months ago, NVAC requires NVSE and I have never been able to get script extenders to work. Besides the fans shouldn’t have to fix the games they should work from the get go or at least get patched.
Obsidian is extremely innovative and are good writers but they never patch their games and they almost always forget they have a time limit on game development or they put so much shit in their games that they cannot optimize them in any way, shape or form.
Just look at KOTOR2, they had to cut 2 whole planets and about 200 quests and never patched it and it’s barely payable. Obsidian literally made ONE working game and thats Neverwinter Nights 2. And you cannot blame the publishers cause their crowdfunded game, Pillars of Eternity, is a barely working unbalanced game as well.
Background Pony #C297
@Background Pony #5323
Arena’s kind of… Dull. Go to this dungeon, go to that dungeon, defeat evil sorcerer, hooray, the end. There’s nothing to remake, really.
They can make more from the source material then this or from Daggerfall. And to be honest Skyrim is nothing better than this. Only with dragons.