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Trixie made a Nightmare Night gone bezerk
Celestia [dressed as Bookaboo] opted to be Normal Pony height for the occasion as she's bobbing for apples while Derpy [dressed as Pops from "Boj"] is riverdancing over the vat
Princess Twilight [dressed as Getafix from the Asterix series] magically molded Pinkie Pie [dressed as Dorothy from "20th Century Oz"] by making her neck as long and bendy as a giraffe and making her legs short as a filly
All while Big Mac [dressed as Kwazii from Octonauts] (now short as AJ's dog Winona) is playing with Fluttershy [dressed as Bonobono]
safe1616242 artist:supernovaarts1 big macintosh27096 fluttershy203055 pinkie pie207538 princess celestia91197 trixie64030 twilight sparkle288380 oc627512 alicorn206189 pony884026 unicorn285464 20th century oz1 animal costume1842 asterix28 body modification116 boj1 bonobono1 bookaboo1 bunny costume665 clothes426236 costume25936 dorothy28 getafix4 gun15073 handgun2515 headless706 impossibly long neck283 long legs311 male344000 modular1098 nightmare night4656 octonauts2 revolver1518 shrunk364 shrunklestia15 size difference12862 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118410 weird359 wolf costume166


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