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Emerald decides to purchase the books, but before making anything asks if Ruby wants a pony-to-zebra dictionary or phrasebook.

Ruby looks alarmed at this and says, "No thanks, I'm already having enough trouble with pony as it is!"

Emerald shrugs, and then asks the zebra if there are any ingredients he'd suggest for an amateur alchemist.

"Yes, we actually have a small kit for just such a thing."

The storekeep then leads Emerald to a small area with a few bread loaf sized boxes sitting on each other. He picks one of them up and says,

"This has everything you'll need to make a few small potions. I believe it's a small medicinal potion, a potion that creates light, and one that makes things taste sweet. It also includes the recipes, a small pot, and three disposable dried rodbugs. All this for 60 Rand!"

Emerald does a quick calculation in his head again, and that comes out to be 50 bits.


Inventory & Spells —


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