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An invasive Paraquestrian species that has taken to deep wooded areas where the soil is rich in nutrients. They're similar to the native skunk cabbage pony, except they use an overwhelmingly pleasant-smelling airborne aphrodisiac to lure pollinators into their flower. He doesn't care if you're male or female, and once you've caught his scent and stumbled willingly into his vines, neither will you.
explicit346334 artist:badumsquish1937 derpibooru exclusive28025 big macintosh28062 alraune28 monster pony3405 original species24867 plant pony633 aphrodisiac201 bedroom eyes58637 crepuscular rays2751 crossdressing9152 erection13966 eyelashes9775 femboy9016 flower25250 flower pony25 forest10048 horsecock67593 imminent sex6881 leaning back484 looking at you165689 majestic as fuck1260 male367347 nudity365560 one eye closed30021 orchard blossom222 paraquestria19 penis151628 sitting62343 solo1053245 solo male26035 tentacle porn7851 tentacles11666 tentacles on male995 vine1281 wink24347


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Background Pony #D33C
Now we just need alraune-mac and skunk cabbage to start fighting over a single pollinator.
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Yeah, kinda. He's not a flower anymore, but he was still tiny. Fluttershy and Twilight both look at him with a couple of mischievous grins on their faces, and Brainstorm looks up at them, worried about what is going to happen. And that's where it ends. I wanted to leave it open ended. I was so burnt out by those drawings, I didn't illustrate the ending.