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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

Okay, SERIOUSLY???!!! What's with you ghosts getting all crossed-eyed over crosses objects??

Do you REALLY have to take the time to assess over your victim's arts and crafts project before you decide to kill them outright in the middle of F&&&KING NOWHERE???!!!

I mean, what kind of evil and powerful mythical creature gets scared by two simple INTERSECTING STICKS???!!

That's like a bunch of redneck Southern Americans getting scared over a sign written in Arabic, even though it's actually written in Hebrew!


Priest: My OC Rin Ayakugi, a male Shinto priest with Christian affiliations who fights demonic and malevolent spirits with his ninjitsu skills endowed with the powers of the holy angelic spirit; fights with his kunai knives and butterfly swords disguised as crucifixes

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semi-grimdark30369 artist:meiyeezhu332 derpy hooves50776 oc711865 oc:rin ayakugi1 human158942 onryō23 anime5679 autumn1657 bow29968 candle4905 christianity326 clothes475945 comic111462 confused4887 cross767 crucifix111 darkness705 epic fail293 fail1423 flower26703 fog925 frightened306 funny4230 glowing4653 gravestone865 graveyard376 halloween8273 haunted61 haunting ground4 humanized101912 humanized ponified human149 kimono (clothing)1186 moon24098 night27348 nightmare night4740 old master q499 parody15784 ponytail18764 priest116 question mark4698 reference3946 running6153 scared10761 socks68558 soles4525 spirit450 sweater14920 tongue out108239 traditional art120253 wisp80 wisps13


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