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safe1555915 screencap195281 applejack157289 crystal hoof114 fluttershy195827 mr. paleo53 mrs. paleo65 party favor1418 pinkie pie201429 plaid stripes255 princess flurry heart6142 queen chrysalis31912 rainbow dash217262 rarity167985 scootaloo48827 shining armor21553 spike74221 starlight glimmer43007 sweetie belle46287 thorax3946 trixie61170 twilight sparkle279872 alicorn191090 changedling7117 changeling39087 changeling queen11214 dragon46620 earth pony190647 pegasus232584 pony827095 unicorn257785 28 pranks later868 applejack's "day" off514 buckball season791 every little thing she does883 newbie dash982 no second prances1725 ppov861 season 6292 stranger than fan fiction991 the crystalling2003 the fault in our cutie marks983 the gift of the maud pie904 the saddle row review1322 the times they are a changeling873 to where and back again2496 top bolt762 where the apple lies509 :d831 adoracreepy579 ah didn't listen13 angry23480 animated91037 aweeg*309 baby8866 baby pony6047 c:1154 clothes401301 compilation523 cracked armor70 creepy3786 cropped42820 crystal hoof didn't listen26 cute173388 cutealoo2442 cuteling645 d:404 dash face18 dead stare15 derp6286 disguise3822 disguised changeling2174 eye1372 eyes1751 faic11224 female880207 floppy ears45934 flutterrage495 flying33742 frown21347 funny face286 gif27443 glowing horn16179 grin32216 gritted teeth10139 happy27103 heart attack139 hoof biting148 how do you make your neck go like that?32 i didn't listen581 las pegasus stare19 laughing6980 lip bite10226 looking at you140636 magic64551 mane six29020 nervous4921 nervous laugh86 not clothes17 open mouth120458 peeved141 ponk910 prunity40 pruny33 psssdwr13 rainbow dash is best facemaker532 scrunchy face6779 season of great pony faces3 silly6962 silly pony2832 slasher smile364 smiling209959 smirk10664 smug4945 smugdash648 squee1922 sweat22409 teenage applejack301 thousand yard stare621 tongue out88593 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113776 wall of tags2245 wat18495 who's a silly pony650 wide eyes16027 wonderbolts uniform5327 wrong neighborhood636


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Written In The Stars
Well this was a bad season, but on the brighhside, these facial expressions did make up for it a bit.
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I'm wheezing right know holy shit!
Just imagine theme with some silly srceeming!