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safe1728537 screencap224509 applejack171605 crystal hoof113 fluttershy215021 mr. paleo85 mrs. paleo102 party favor1539 pinkie pie218294 plaid stripes254 princess flurry heart7382 queen chrysalis35171 rainbow dash236323 rarity183726 scootaloo51616 shining armor23407 spike79565 starlight glimmer49245 sweetie belle49417 thorax4399 trixie68161 twilight sparkle303301 alicorn228782 changedling8584 changeling48770 changeling queen17087 dragon57577 earth pony257157 pegasus300584 pony988750 unicorn332988 28 pranks later967 applejack's "day" off588 buckball season828 every little thing she does950 newbie dash1075 no second prances1878 ppov913 season 6831 stranger than fan fiction1053 the crystalling2187 the fault in our cutie marks1044 the gift of the maud pie950 the saddle row review1446 the times they are a changeling932 to where and back again2739 top bolt828 where the apple lies544 :d1234 adoracreepy642 ah didn't listen13 angry27674 animated99747 aweeg*352 baby10585 baby pony6716 c:1212 clothes467729 compilation552 cracked armor75 creepy4400 cropped49887 crystal hoof didn't listen25 cute203074 cutealoo2917 cuteling800 d:455 dash face19 dead stare24 derp6848 disguise4879 disguised changeling2739 eye1674 eyes1988 faic12427 female1382720 floppy ears53304 flutterrage544 flying38799 frown23271 funny face316 gif31627 glowing horn20097 grin39696 gritted teeth12544 happy31745 heart attack150 hoof biting162 how do you make your neck go like that?33 i didn't listen599 las pegasus stare19 laughing8161 lip bite11813 looking at you172365 magic74356 mane six32253 nervous5784 nervous laugh100 not clothes17 open mouth150125 peeved153 ponk1088 prunity40 pruny33 psssdwr13 rainbow dash is best facemaker645 scrunchy face7211 season of great pony faces3 silly7491 silly pony3017 slasher smile388 smiling254632 smirk12742 smug6137 smugdash740 squee1971 sweat27011 teenage applejack310 thousand yard stare692 tongue out106165 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124987 wall of tags3411 wat19374 who's a silly pony703 wide eyes17223 wonderbolts uniform5923 wrong neighborhood639


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Don't Close Your Eyes
Well this was a bad season, but on the brighhside, these facial expressions did make up for it a bit.
Background Pony #A757
I'm wheezing right know holy shit!
Just imagine theme with some silly srceeming!