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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

"Nerds are good jocks are evil" is such a tired thing.
okay, I absolutely hate shining armor as a character, an idea, and a person, and anyone who likes him should feel bad for disagreeing with me, but

why can't he be a jock and a nerd?
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Check out the Highschool Cadance blog for that second one. :P (as an example)

The point is, jocks are people too. I like it when cartoons show different types of people and don't rely on clichés.
"Nerds are good jocks are evil" is such a tired thing. Siblings are rarely the same too. (I should know, I have several. :p) Shiny could've had different interests and STILL be a supportive big bro — no, in a way different gifts and interests can help people rely on each other.

What did we know about Shiny post-Canterlot Wedding? That he's a somewhat slow-witted and boastful but courageous Captain of the Royal Guard. Presumably Celestia's captain isn't a position you give to just anyone. It'd have been really interesting to learn more about how Shiny even ended up reaching there.

What the comics did was replay every 80s High School Movie stereotype which was probably fun if you never saw it before but that take on SA was completely their own and I think not really that interesting, because we all already know that story. I can't even imagine why comic Shiny would become a guard, much less captain. The comics suggest he is physically weak and intellectually strong making him more suited for an academic career like his sis.

Now, I don't think the comics are bad per se (though the reference mania in the early issues that birthed this storyline too can be pretty annoying. So yeah, I do/'d have wanted to see that other type of Shiny's side of the story too!

I still think Jock Armor would've been more interesting. There are way too many geeks in comics for comfort.

You have to take twilight into consideration on that one.
Logic would dictate that the two sibling would turn out quite similar.

And how would a story about a jock getting the pretty girl, be more interesting?