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Bday gift for Applekenken. He made me one as well since we are the same birth >>1264452

You might be wondering how a horse’s semen can impregnante a human woman. There’s actually a video on youtube that explains how this could be possible.
explicit321994 artist:burstfire277 applejack160171 human144171 pony856515 ahegao21984 an egg being attacked by sperm1648 applebucking thighs1985 applebutt3658 areola13893 ass42834 balls67353 belly24855 belly button68525 bestiality1950 big areola5242 big balls7681 big breasts70004 big penis8065 breast hold928 breast milk4012 breasts243421 busty applejack8806 clothes414521 creampie26652 crossbreeding302 cum73298 cum belly1291 cum inflation3199 curvy5816 drool22667 egg cell1561 female933607 fertilization56 glory hole1234 heart43678 horsecock60569 huge breasts32685 human female1510 humanized94953 impossibly large breasts14612 impregnation2551 inflation8355 interspecies20905 lactation5297 large butt13240 male310488 milk squirt973 minecraft2374 nipples145696 nudity338518 open mouth125032 panting2679 penis139382 plump6722 pony on human action715 sex108900 spermatozoon1572 stallion94341 stallion on human female681 straight122858 thick penis158 thunder thighs6682 tongue out91993 wide hips13868


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Background Pony #D194
Aw, man, substantial part of your arts looks… too peculiarly and sometimes even frighteningly. But your style of drawning is fantastic. Thats why you're my favourite pron-artist.
Background Pony #0D7A
waitaminute…. issat…? No, I'm not crazy, that's minecraft in the background to the far right…. I'm probably the only one who noticed this though XD
Background Pony #FFF4
Can human AJ just always be that plump? Not necessarily inflated, just, Y'know, chubby.
Background Pony #EF9A
I guess we need an 'interspecies impregnation' tag because we need more like this.
Background Pony #3B31

For most species, absolutely nothing. Being unable to breed is one of the basic dividing lines between species. A lot of incredibly delicate machinery, highly specialized to each species, has to work properly for a sperm and ovum to fuse.

The various horselike, doglike, and catlike crossbreeds are the result of species not very far separated from each other in evolutionary time, and even these are often infertile.
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Any geneticist here? What would result of that fusion, in any case, has someone try to blend ovulates and sperm from two different species just to see what happens?