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What would have happened 0v0
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couldn't agree more with the last comments.

I like it more when they tease these things is all, that's all I tried to say before. I don't have any hopes, or any confidence in their ability to do romance seamlessly, it's better if they never legitimately try to go for it.

but now, maybe it's better to let people who enjoy this image enjoy it in peace, I tire of this fucking fan shipping bickering!
>:I Fluttercord fans, BEGONE! I cast a spell on you that will locate you on different parts of the map I hold in my mouth!

Trötter Dämmerung


Actually, that kind of works into my new head-cannon. Basically, Discord has to cause a baseline amount of strife, or else he loses control and chaos randomly occurs.

Possibly if you take away his magic, he's just barely annoying.

There's a vaguely similar character in a couple Discwolrd books, Unseen University's necromancer (unfortunately, he was introduced well after UU stopped being a major focus, and possibly after Pratchett started his decline), who, being a necromancer is obligated to be evil, but limits it skull shaped paraphernalia and rude comments to the other faculty.
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I'd prefer Dislestia. But the season 6 final episodes boosted the fluttercord. Well, I hope the season 7 about this.
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