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You really shouldn’t give Twilight ideas like that…
suggestive (108888)artist:deusexequus (364)sky stinger (379)twilight sparkle (250868)top bolt (704)alicorn (153020)alicornified (3307)bedroom eyes (42532)clothes (338615)comic (84874)crossdressing (7170)crown (9873)dialogue (46686)dress (33343)drool (19435)duo (36763)female (710172)jewelry (35391)male (240976)mare (311057)open mouth (98932)pegasus (172840)pony (649859)princess of flying (6)race swap (10179)regalia (11048)shrunken pupils (1486)smack (95)smack dat ass (32)spanking (2134)speech bubble (15307)stallion (67116)thought bubble (2362)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96869)


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Starry Tale
I swear the writers do this on purpose. Someone must be writing all these fetish fuel scenes and dialogue and somehow slipping it past Hasbro’s filters.
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Young Leosword
I feel as if the correlation between Molestia and Princess Twilight is prevalent enough in some art, comics, and fics that a subsequent lust-filled Twilight should have gotten a name, like even, during Season 3, before she had actually become an alicorn. Although, Luna doesn’t have a unanimous nickname for Her lust-crazed fan persona either. Additionally, come to think, Twilight Snapple could’ve been given a similar fan reinterpretation one year sooner than Princess Twilight. I suppose, in the end, not very many memes are intentional. :j
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