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Aftercare part drawn to complete the series –
suggestive (108645)artist:manifest harmony (338)coco pommel (4944)night light (1609)twilight velvet (3242)fanfic:clocktower society (243)aftercare (85)afterglow (805)aftersex (6851)bdsm (4206)bisexual (2425)bondage (25642)bridle (2561)cocobetes (453)crying (34376)cuddling (6776)cute (139026)cute porn (5883)female (708594)femsub (5738)gag (11257)heart eyes (10901)hug (21538)lesbian (77274)male (240325)pet (1623)pet play (2454)ring gag (1098)semi-anthro (9035)slave (1957)snuggling (6033)story in the source (1266)straight (104844)submissive (9061)tack (2615)tears of joy (1604)wingding eyes (14951)


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Monde de merde
"When she slowly, gently came to, she found herself wrapped in a warmth so soft and sublime it was like waking up in a cradle. She slowly opened her eyes blearily only to find herself in actual cradle made by her Master and Mistress’ loving embrace. She felt her Mistress lovingly caress her mane as she nuzzled and snuggled her from behind. “Hmmm, hello there, little one,” Mistress whispered, kissing away her tears.

“You were amazing, Coco.” Her ears perked up as she heard her Master’s praise. She gazed up into his eyes full of joy and pride at her. She felt her eyes well up with tears of joy anew as she nuzzled into them both.

She was home."
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