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safe1765443 edit137517 edited screencap68548 screencap230808 angel wings252 loosey-goosey35 rainbow dash239916 short fuse151 pegasus314787 pony1025422 the cutie re-mark3236 top bolt837 alternate hairstyle29343 alternate timeline3053 amputee4891 apocalypse dash854 augmented2633 battle damage20 bow30338 caption22362 comic112165 crystal war timeline1421 eye scar5210 fridge logic66 hair bow16556 image macro37614 prosthetic limb3108 prosthetic wing821 prosthetics3620 scar12564 screencap comic4735 text63057 torn ear807


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Background Pony #10CB
I like how every comment on this is about how her wing didn’t just fall off. Every one of you missed the joke.

Its safe to assume her wings didn’t so much as simply fall as they were injured to the point they couldn’t be saved and had to be removed.
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Well, I’m sure it didn’t exactly just fall off on its own. Same way someone’s legs don’t just fall off unless there is something seriously wrong.