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Some evil Cadance cause it’s spoopy month. Unrelated to the comics I’ve been making.
Dialogue Version
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explicit478793 grimdark30905 artist:kanashiipanda629 princess cadance40518 shining armor28369 twilight velvet5573 anthro365244 kanashiipandaverse141 g42053238 abs16059 age difference4730 alicorn amulet2197 belly button112812 breasts397220 busty twilight velvet1168 chest fluff67196 complete nudity7820 corrupted3531 cowgirl position10242 creampie46363 cum107079 dark genitals17876 dialogue95468 female1828657 female on male2998 female on male rape339 femdom10516 femsub14621 floppy ears74091 framed picture259 heart78502 heart eyes30591 hypnosis5791 hypnotized2920 implied impregnation527 implied nightdance4 incest18183 love magic39 magic97910 magic abuse662 male559323 milf13548 milf breeding141 milfcest34 mind control4861 mother and son4381 nipples246519 nudity520441 open mouth242590 penetration90227 princess cadance is always horny191 princess cadance raping shining armor3 princess cadance raping twilight velvet3 pubic fluff5145 rape9181 rape by proxy155 sex174606 shiningsub571 sombra eyes4223 speech bubble40848 spread legs31171 spreading32625 straight181744 submissive23815 thighs28999 tongue out149680 vaginal58678 vulva194087 waist tail85 wingding eyes41682


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I’m just going to imagine Cadance slowly, magically slipping that ring off Velvet’s hand…
While she was lowering herself onto Shining’s cock…
Shattering the diamond as their hips finally connected.
Background Pony #61B5
…though it seems very loosely applied, since it appears on both anthro and show-style pictures, and this one’s description specifically says “Unrelated to the comics I’ve been making”.
Background Pony #000D
Healthy? Not unless they use magic to suppress reciecive genes, otherwise the incestuous child could get sick easier and suffer more mental problems sooner.
Background Pony #AF76
I could see some ponies (mostly unicorns, of course) developing a taste for a little consensual mind-control magic as a disinhibitor akin to a few drinks before having sex.
An addiction to it would make you pretty messed up in the head though. Basically unable to perform unless you felt that compulsion.
Background Pony #C660
What Cadance doesn’t know is that Twilight made her friends and family members immune to mind control after Discord, the cutie mark mix-up, and Starlight’s equalizing. Velvet and Shining are just playing along, happy for another opportunity to fuck each other. They’re still going to punish Cadance, though. They haven’t broken out the whip in a while…