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"I've been working on requests and commissions, I promise. I just wanted a brake from them for a little, so I drew half gender swapped ships I love. I love the top three the best, because I drew them the best."
safe1639191 artist:mississippikite48 applejack164549 fluttershy205645 pinkie pie209912 rainbow dash226559 rarity175921 twilight sparkle291719 alicorn211060 pony904956 absurd resolution64844 applejack (male)1047 appleshy1195 appleshy (straight)7 blushing186428 bubble berry1541 butterjack6 butterscotch1805 dusk shine2300 duskpie40 elusidash10 elusive1176 half r63 shipping1899 kissing23453 male351088 mane six30847 nuzzling3794 prince dusk336 rainbow blitz2341 rariblitz13 raridash1867 rule 6325842 shipping191537 simple background370740 sparkleberry24 straight129962 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119916 twinkie1730 white background91950 wingboner7980


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