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Emerald whispers to the unicorn, asking what is going on.

"I'm not sure myself. Just get ready." Joyride says, not taking her eyes off the entrance.

Emerald attempts to listen harder, just to see if he can tell what is going on.

>Perception Check 14, Boosted
>5+4+3+3 = 15

Emerald still can't quite make out what the pony voices are saying, but he can hear three distinct voices. Two mares and one stallion. He isn't sure exactly what is going on, but it sounds like the buzzing is getting closer rather quickly.

Emerald pulls out his focus and one of his sticky potions and asks if Joyride could whip up an illusion or something to hide them.

"Possi" She starts, but just as she does wasps start flooding through the cave entrance. Joyride and Emerald start blasting away, disabling and knocking out many of the wasps as they fly in. Emerald also chucks a sticky potion at the door, binding many of the black and yellow monsters together. Most of the wasps don't seem to be paying attention to the two ponies however… They seem to be fleeing from something behind them.

Even with that though his and Joyride's combined efforts some of wasps are still making it in. Even worse, Emerald sees a few of the giant soldier wasps that Ruby mentioned earlier.


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