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suggestive162173 artist:lesang393 oc787226 oc only583168 oc:sundae brunch18 pegasus364655 pony1225420 bedroom eyes67709 belly32897 bhm1727 bingo wings2992 blob2285 butt142997 commission87085 fat24616 fat wings157 huge butt12017 immobile3319 impossibly large belly12092 impossibly large butt8216 impossibly obese1009 large butt21969 male428124 morbidly obese8896 obese12997 plot99901


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Thread Starter - The Time Wasting Thread 2.1

I want to see him try to fly.
also, when your ass is like half of your body mass does it still count as your ass or are you your ass’s body?
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

But it does have bedroom eyes.  
I believe however it is the effect of… IT eating an entire bedroom along with the brick walls.