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safe1637763 artist:prettycelestia99 adagio dazzle12390 aria blaze9416 gaea everfree570 gloriosa daisy1777 sci-twi22949 sonata dusk13055 sunset shimmer59994 twilight sparkle291549 oc641915 oc:desdemona everqueen2 equestria girls190875 friendship games12347 legend of everfree7770 rainbow rocks17869 abomination674 bare shoulders2094 body horror1316 equestria is doomed159 equestria's monster girls75 evil2726 evil grin4150 fusion4880 gem fusion68 midnight sparkle2464 multiple arms226 multiple eyes300 multiple limbs182 nightmare fuel3612 sleeveless3757 steven universe1440 strapless1330 sunset satan1324 the dazzlings4178 this isn't even my final form383 this will end in conquest5 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2305


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Background Pony #5573
And Midnight Sparkle, she is too beautiful, she looks a bit like Evil Raven Queen in "Ever After High" do not you?
Background Pony #5573
But I prefer the Dazzlings I love their looks, and they tell me something with their hairstyles, their faces, and their large sizes.
Background Pony #D009
Then in Forces, only Midnight Sparkle, regular sunset, and Gloriosa Everfree, join shadow, metal sonic, Zavok, Chaos, and 2 universe versions of infinite join together to take down their enemies.
Background Pony #D082
Does she have the weaknesses of her component selves? Because I think she could be easily distracted with books.

Or a taco.